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5 reasons why translators should have knowledge on SEO

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When you are a translator, you learn about many different things due to the translations we do. But sometimes, when we are creating our website or blog, we are not aware of a key element that can help us to drive traffic to our blog or attract clients: SEO. I wrote a post some time ago about a basic introduction of SEO for translators (you can read it here).

So here you have 5 reasons of why translators should develop some knowledge on SEO.

  • Because knowing about SEO will help our blog or website to appear in the first places of an Internet’s search engine, such as Google. If we use the adequate key words and think as a potential reader or client, we can figure out what that person would write in Google, in our case, if they are looking for a translator or a blog on translation. We can use keywords such as “English translator in Madrid”, “Spanish translator in London”, or specialised fields of translation such as “legal translation”. In fact, if we can use keywords for the name of our website, blog or business, this will help us a lot. A very good example is to Google “spanish translator in london”. We can see that the first organic result we have (organic means it is not an add) is the company Translator in London, a Spanish translator based in London.

  • Having knowledge on SEO can help us to expand our services. If we have a client that needs the translation of his/her company’s website, what we are going to do is not only translating the texts shown there, but to use keywords in the target language to help the client’s website to appear in the first places when a person in the target language googles the words related to the services or products of our client’s company.


  • Similar to the previous point, when we localize a website, we need to adapt the text to the target language and culture. So, we need to know what keywords are relevant in the target culture and language for the company. Something that we can use on our own website or blog.


  • When we start a blog, the first thing we wonder is: “Is anyone reading my blog?” or “How can I attract readers to my blog?” The answer is simple: good content and good SEO. Readers will read your blog if they find it interesting, original and the most important thing, if they can find it. If you feel unsure about SEO and how to implement a good SEO strategy for your website or blog, you can use the plug-in Yoast SEO (for WordPress).


  • When writing a blog or translating blog posts for other companies, knowledge on SEO is not the only thing, but also knowledge of the language used for the creation of websites and blogs. This is, you need to know what an “alt element” is, what is H1, metadescription, META tag, etc. Why? Because all these elements are directly related to SEO and they are the elements that search engines are going to look for to rank our website, blog or our client’s blog and website.


If you want to know more about SEO or start having a basic knowledge on SEO, there are multiple resources you can use to learn, and of course, courses and online courses. I did a course on SEO in Udemy and it really helped me to understand SEO and to have a deeper knowledge of it.

Nowadays, I believe it is essential for every entrepreneur to have some basic knowledge on SEO, not only translators and we have a lot of information on the Internet to learn from. So, why not give it a try?

2 Responses to “5 reasons why translators should have knowledge on SEO”

By Jesica Miotti - 7 August 2017 Reply

Good article. Do you think getting Google Adwords certification might be useful for translators?

By Virginia Pastor Martín - 7 August 2017 Reply

Hi Jessica, and thank you for your comment. Personally, I never tried it, but I think that if you have some budget you can spend on it for a while to try it and see the results, it may worth it!

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