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5 reasons why translators should have knowledge on SEO

translators knowledge SEO


When you are a translator, you learn about many different things due to the translations we do. But sometimes, when we are creating our website or blog, we are not aware of a key element that can help us to drive traffic to our blog or attract clients: SEO. I wrote a post some time ago about a basic introduction of SEO for translators (you can read it here).

So here you have 5 reasons of why translators should develop some knowledge on SEO.

What is better for me: in-house or freelance translator?

freelance or in-house translator

When I was studying at the University, most of the professors told us that the most frequent professional path for translators was working as freelancers. They also mentioned that working as an in-house translator was very difficult to achieve. However, when we had some conferences or seminars in which freelance translators came to give their opinion and tips for us, most of them showed the problematic side of working as a freelance translator.

We barely heard any freelance translator saying that he or she was happy as a freelancer and the bright sides of freelancing. I remember that after these seminars and conferences, my group of friends and I decided not choosing the freelance path, and try instead to look for in-house translator jobs where we could use multiple languages, but NEVER as freelancers.

After finishing my degree, I decided to study a Master, both to specialise in a field I really liked and enjoyed and because I wasn’t sure about how to focus my career as a translator.

Useful tools for translators (II)

Useful tools for translators

When I started my blog back in 2015, one of the most liked post was (FREE) useful tools for translators. In that post I suggested and briefly explained some of the tools I was using at that moment and I which I found the most useful.

Today, I bring you another post with some other useful tools which I consider essential for freelance translators. And I hope you find them useful too!

How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog

How to use Pinterest

How to use Pinterest

When we start a blog, we normally focus on SEO for Google or other search engines. We often consider social media as marketing and promotional tools of our business or blog. But, what if we use a social network, which also works as a search engine, and helps with SEO? In this post I am going to write about how to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to our blog or website.

The terrible twos

The terrible twos is a stage in which toddlers begin to be more independent, restless and sometimes, for their parents, this phase can sometimes be quite hard. This is why this stage is called “the terrible twos”. In my case, I am not a mom, but this is my second year working as a freelance translator in the UK, and like some parents with two-year-olds babies, at some stages, it has been a tough year.

Last month, my business turned two years old, after a first year full of learning, accomplishments and failures (you can read here my thoughts on my first year as a freelance translator in the UK).

After that first year, I had quite a lot of work (which was amazing), with so many good opportunities, I and learned a lot, I had my ups downs (but, who hasn’t?) and I was determined to keep growing as a professional. So, just like parents who had survived the first year of their babies, I thought things will start to calm down (although I knew I had to keep learning a lot and falling), but nothing could be further from the truth.

Well-being for translators (II)

Hi everyone! First of all, apologies for not having published new post lately, but due to the nature of the business, I didn’t have time to write. I hope I can go back to publishing a post every two weeks.

Today’s post is the second part of one of the earlier posts published in the blog, about the well-being for translators. You can read the first part here. In it, I wrote about some exercises and tips to help a translator feel better after so many hours working seated on a chair. Today I am going to write about some recommendations to continue with our wellbeing.

How to get experience as a translator

First of all, thank you for welcoming so much my last post, and for all of you who left me a comment. I really wish you all the best!

Today, I want to give you some tips about how to get experience as a translator, especially at the beginning of your careers.

I know that gaining some experience in translation might be difficult sometimes, especially when we are looking for work. It is always the same story: if you don’t have experience, it is very difficult to work, but if no one gives you the opportunity, you will never have experience.

How I started my business from scratch

If you are thinking about starting your own business but you don’t have any idea where to start, I am going to tell you something: I felt the same way. But don’t panic! I am going to tell you about my experience and how I started my business from scratch.

When I started to think about going freelance and starting my translation business I felt very lost; I didn’t know where to begin, what I had to do, if I had to find a part-time job during the first two years (that was the amount of time I gave to myself to start running my business), etc. I knew a lot about translation and languages but nothing about business! And I had no job at that moment.

Travelling and freelancing

Today I want to reflect on travelling and a freelance career: is it possible? How can we coordinate both without losing money/projects/clients? If you want to know more… keep reading!

One of my passions is travelling. I love discovering new cities, countries, people, food and in other words… new cultures! But one of the things I was most concerned of at the beginning of my freelance career was if travelling and running my business as a freelance translator were compatible.

Today I want you to give you some tips on how to coordinate a freelance career (in my case as a freelance translator) and travelling.

(Real) home office for freelancers

Happy New Year! I hope you are all having a great time and enjoyed the holidays (those of you who had them)!

I think that almost everyone at the beginning of a new year has a list of goals that we want to achieve; related either with our personal or professional life. In my case, professionally speaking, I have a list of a couple of things that I would like to achieve… but, when I go to my desk, it is quite difficult to get to them.

Not too long ago, I read a very interesting article for freelancers who work from home and how they can improve their productivity and motivation by having a workspace in which they feel comfortable.

However, it turns out that when you look for some inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest about how to decorate your home office to work better… none of them are appropriate! I am going to tell you why.