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5 blogs to read this Christmas and… Merry Christmas!

This is the last post of the year, as next week I am going home for Christmas! I am very excited about it and really feel the need of spending time with my beloved ones. This year has been a very exciting one, with its ups and downs (of course!), but professionally, it has been wonderful! I had new great opportunities and I have learned a lot! And I also achieved some objectives I had planned the previous year. But still, there is a lot to do and improve!

So, as I am not going to be blogging until next year (the next post will be on the 3rd of January 2017), I wanted to give you some of my favourites blog to read during Christmas.

5 marketing ideas for small businesses


Every beginning is hard, especially for small business or freelancers. And if we talk about money, it becomes even harder. We invest a lot of time and, depending on the business, a lot of money too. But, nowadays, thanks to the Internet, we can find great free tools online that can help small business and freelancers.

So today I bring you 5 marketing ideas that every small business and freelancer can implement online and for FREE

Objectives for translators: why are they important?


In life it is important to have objectives; they motivate us to improve our work and personal life, and also inspire us to achieve our goals and dreams. So, why would this be different for freelance translators?

I guess every freelance translator has the same main objective: to be able to live from our work as translators, right? And this is absolutely correct, but in order to achieve this, we need some other objectives and in this entry I am going to tell you about them.

Why every entrepreneur should read #GIRLBOSS

Lastgirlboss Christmas, one of my presents was the book #GIRLBOSS, by Sophia Amoruso, the founder and Creative director of Nasty Gal, one of the most fast-growing retail companies in the last years. You can read a bit more about her, here.

A friend recommended me to read it, not just because it was written by a woman who started her small company selling vintage auctions on eBay, but for the message and energy she transmits in the book.

Language Show Live 2016


This week’s post comes later than usual, but finally, here it is! I had the opportunity this year to attend once again the Language Show Live: one of the most important shows for language professionals and lovers in Europe, and I believe it is one of the most important in the UK.

This year I could only assist on Saturday, not like last year (you can revisit last year’s Language Show Live here), but I got the most from it.

Spanish food and wines: a chance to be global


Spain is mainly known for its wonderful weather, amazing beaches, lovely food and of course its rich variety in wines. In fact, these two are considered, by the people who have tried them, as some of the best in the world. However, it seems that other cousines are more glamorous or simply have many restaurants all over the world.

Since I moved to the UK and after moving around a good number of cities, it seems that there are plenty of Italian and French restaurants but there are not so many Spanish ones. It is true you can find Spanish food stalls in some street markets, which is very nice, but the number of restaurants as much seems to be lower than Indian, Italian, Chinese or French. In addition, many British supermarkets have a section of world food including the previously mention but hardly a few have a section for Spanish products (sometimes you may find Italian and Spanish products mixed).

I believe this is a gap that many Spanish companies could potentially explore to both grow themselves as well as give the opportunity to other countries of truly experiencing the quality of Spanish products.

Gastronomic translation


Let’s start from the beginning. What is gastronomic translation? Well, gastronomic translation consists of the translation of texts related to food. They go from book recipes to restaurant menus, food product labels, etc.

Is it a specialised translation? Although it is normally considered as general translation (as a touristic translation), I personally consider both specialised. Why? Because as technical or legal translations, a good gastronomic translator must know the field of cooking, the terminology, even ingredients and substitutes that may not be available for the consumer in the target language.

How to attract more audience to your blog


Imagine you write a blog or want to start writing one, either because you enjoy writing about things you like or because you want to use it to promote your company. Whatever is the reason leading you to write a blog, you want to attract more audience, but…you don’t know how to do it. Well, that’s absolutely fine. Because I have been there, and so has every person who writes a blog too.

So, as I have already been in that stage, I am going to give you some tips and ideas to attract more audience to your blog… that actually work!

TRASIEGO: collaboration with Marta Stelmaszak

Hello everyone! I am back from my holidays, renovated and full of energy! I bring you very exciting news! As you may remember from my last post, I have been working on a project for some time and finally I can share it with you!

This project is called Trasiego. Marta Stelmaszak went to Argentina a couple of years ago and in a bookstore, she found a book called Trasiego, which consists on the telephone game (Chinese whispers) but with the translation of a short story. The original text was written in Spanish and then translated into another language, and then back to Spanish again throughout the whole book.




Hello everyone! I hope you are having, had or have wonderful holidays!

This is my last post before my holidays, and as a lot of people also do, for me, September means “starting a new chapter”. This means that after a period of holidays, where you can relax, switch off your phone and emails, and you go back to work feeling renovated, with much more energy and with new hopes and dreams.

Also, I love planning, but I have never find a monthly planner that suits my planning needs, and to plan my work tasks, goals, etc.

This is why I decided, along with my designer, Virginia Pascual to design a monthly planner with plenty of space to organise our tasks, goals, events… everything we want to!