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How to find a legal translator?

how to find a legal translator

Hello everyone! Autumn is here and to welcome this season, as I announced in the last entry, the next month I am going to start a Newsletter. Also, from today onwards you can subscribe to this blog!

As a present for those of you who subscribe to the blog in the next two months, you will receive the chapters of the guide “Your internationalisation project”. This guide is divided into different chapters which you will receive each month.

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Now, let’s move to the topic of today’s post. How many of you have wondered at some point how to find a legal translator? What is a legal translator? Do I need a certified or sworn translation or not?

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great September going back to the everyday life. I think that routines for freelancers sometimes are great, as we hardly have them. But sometimes routines can be quite boring.

So that is what I want to do today: break with the routine with some announcements I promised you in the last entry!

I am going to start a Newsletter! And thanks to that, you will be able to subscribe to my blog. By doing that, apart from news, and extra content which you will not find in the blog, you will receive a very special gift.

Blogs on legal translation


Welcome to September! I hope you all had great summer holidays and rested so now we can face the rest of the year together with renovated strength!

I am very excited about this month because later this month I will announce some exciting news!

What I bring you today is a recommendation of some of my favourite legal translation blogs. I am sure you will probably know some of them, but if you are looking for new specialised blogs to read, here you have my favourite ones:

Well-being of translators



well being translators

As I said in the last entry, I want to use summer season to write lighter posts about translations and business by sharing some useful tips, information and resources with you.

This entry is particularly dedicated to all of you who work or study and spend so many hours seated in front of a computer, notepads or books without walking away from your seat. I have been one of these people for many years, since I was a student. I had a lot of back pain because I did not have a correct posture while I was seated studying or working.

Freelancers lifestyle: it is not just about translating

freelancers lifestyle

Continuing with the summer entries, I have decided to give a twist and not just talking about translation, marketing, business, etc.; but to take the opportunity to relax a bit but still enjoying reading blogs looking for some inspiration on the freelance lifestyle.

So, I want to show you four blogs, written by freelancers in which translation is not the main topic but the freelance lifestyle. Although, I must say, two of them are written by translators (yes, I couldn’t help it :)).

Resources for translators (I): online courses

Resources for translators (I)

Due to the good reception the entry about BirghtTALK platform had (thank you again), I think it would be a great idea to share a series of entries about resources for translators such as courses, CPD, online courses, webinars, books, etc. So here you have the first entry (a short one) of this series.

During the summer, since a lot of people are on holidays and have more spare time, it could be a great idea to use some of this time and do some courses, keep on training, increase your CDP, etc. That is the reason why I would like to talk today about two key platforms to improve your knowledge (or Curricula): Proz and Udemy.

BrightTALK: a platform for webinars and videos for every professional community.


First of all, I want to thank you, again, for the reception the last entry had. Indeed, it was included in the blog 20000 lenguas in the entry about the best 20 articles on Translation and Interpreting of June.

The next thing I want to announce is that the blog will be updated every two weeks, on Tuesdays.

And now, let’s go with today’s entry. The last posts were about translation and its importance in business, for professionals, etc. But what is important for a translator? Apart from education and documentation, the most usual career in translation is to work as freelance. If you are a freelance translator, you are a business–small, but a business. So, apart from the CPD courses (Continuing Professional Development) about your specialisation or other subjects, it is essential to know about legal matters, finance and one of the most important fields: MARKETING.

The importance of translation for businesses

Fist of all, I should like to thank you for the good reception the previous entry had and to all of you who shared it in the social media. Thank you so much!

And now, let’s dive in today’s entry. This time, I wanted to talk about the importance of translation oriented towards businesses. ID-100133207Specially to small and medium-sized enterprises who would like to internationalise to reach more clients.

Nowadays, we live in a globalised world, in which the geographical situation is no longer a barrier, but language could stop you from reaching more potential customer. So the figure of translator in this field is becoming more and more important.

The importance of translation

Why is translation necessary?



We start the Be Global Translations‘ blog, by dedicating our first post to the importance of translation. Why is it important? Or better said, why is translation necessary?

It seems that, every day, people is more aware of the necessity of translation. Although it is neither perceived nor valued with the importance it deserves yet. In fact, in a lot of companies, employees and also interns, who have some knowledge of a language, but with no education in translating, are still asked to translate any kind of texts, websites, blog posts, emails, etc.