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It is extremely important to assure the quality of your text in terms of accuracy and quality. Through our proofreading, we will help you ensure your texts are polished and professional.

Proofreading consists on checking the orthography, grammar and ortotypography of your text. We can provide this service for texts written or translated into Spanish as well as for websites, videos and subtitles.

Revision and editing

Revision and editing will find for you any errors, omissions or issue with your content by comparing the original text against the translated one.

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How long will it take to proofread, revise and editing?

Depending on the length of text, it can take an average of around 3 hours for a 2,000-word text to be proofread. Of course, other factors such as the discipline and the format of the text play an important role on the service time.


Every project is unique. In order to assure the best price to each client, a tailored quote will be raised regarding the number of words, type of document, format and deadline. If you need more information, please contact us and we will give you a quote in less than three hours.